πολλὰϲ δ’ ὁδοὺϲ ἐλθόντα φροντίδοϲ πλάνοιϲ
–Many are the roads I have come upon in the wanderings of my mind. Soph.OT.67

About this page:

Let’s start with the title, since, and I hope I don’t overstep here, it seems to me, most people don’t read Ancient Greek anymore.  Δοκεῖ μοι (dokei moi) is a little phrase that means “it seems to me.” It is often used almost parenthetically, a sort of qualifier used when one is discussing something about which they do not have expert knowledge. Plato’s Sokrates uses it a lot. (Plato’s Sokrates is kind of a dick). So, that “it seems to me” back in the first sentence, that is a δοκεῖ μοι.

So much for the title. As for what this blog will be about, that lovely little line from Oidpous Tyrannos (or Oedipus Rex if you’re so inclined (Personally, I dig pedantic spellings)) ought to serve well enough as a guide for now. I expect there will be a bit of politics, a bit of sports, girls, life, the universe & everything. And since I’m not an expert on any of these things, the best I can do is to simply write about them as they seem to me.

One last thing, and that’s a note on translations. I expect there shall be a fair amount of Greek & Latin popping up here and there. All translations thereof will be mine, unless otherwise noted. Where I make mistakes, and I’m sure I will, I encourage people to write in and set me straight. Or at least argue about it!

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  1. Hi,
    Dropped in because of Hannah Arendt. She used the term which I thought was french because of the moi, dokei did not seem frenchish. Why I am reading her I dont remember.
    I am going to strike “Notify me of follow-up comments by e-mail”. I hope I will not receive tons of useless notifications as i have from other sites. And I hope it can be dropped if so. Hope you understand? I hate having to try and delete all the garbage that comes. So if this would be true, take me off the “Notify”.

    Stay safe and stay strong,

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